Couplets – The beauty of Chinese Calligraphy & Tradition Culture


The beauty of Chinese Calligraphy & Tradition Culture

There are many things you need to prepare before CNY, if you’re from a very traditional Chinese family. usually my dad will get some couplets and many other traditional stuffs for CNY.

I saw some calligraphers writing couplets on the street.( they only doing it 1-2 weeks before CNY ) so I spent a while watching how they do it, basically you choose the “poem” you like, and they will write it for you. I was so impressed by this Calligrapher!! so I asked him to write some couplets for my family and friends. and btw, Chinese poetry is so beautiful!!(which is so difficult to translate it to English haha, for those of you gonna get my couplets, don’t ask me to translate ;-p !!! )

Couplets have a history of more than a thousand years and remain an enduring aspect of Chinese culture. It is a pair of lines of poetry that are usually rhymed written on red paper. we paste them on the sides of the doors, to express the feeling of life’s renewal and the return of spring( only some traditional Chinese still do this nowadays )